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Summer writing challenge to make your own comic!


This summer we are challenging you to make your very own comic! With our friends at REY Paper and The Beano, we have made this action-packed activity to take you through every step. You will learn how to draw characters, how to use speech and thought bubbles and even how to make a mini comic from one piece of paper!

How to make your own comic

Simple secrets to create a comic strip from The Beano (with technical words explained)

  1. Plan/write a script
  2. Use pencil and paper to ‘rough’ it out
  3. Add balloons to contain the dialogue
  4. Draw over the rough to create a strong ‘line
  5. Colour and add SFX
Technical words
Script The speech and action for the comic strip written out
Rough A rough sketch where the basic storyline and layout of a comic is worked out
Dialogue What the character is saying
Line The outline of an image
SFX Sound effects

Comic rules activity pack

This activity pack will show you everything you need to know about comics! It includes:

  • Beano comic strips
  • A comic scavenger hunt
  • How to draw guides
  • The chance to learn from comic book expers
  • Make your own mini-book guide
  • Lots of blank frames for you to create your own comic!

Download the pack.

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