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The book Olympics

Olympic rings

This activity shows you how to host your own Olympic Games at home – but all about books!

First, encourage your child to make their own flag. You can also stick some foil to circles of card to make medals.

You are now ready to begin your events. At the end of each event, make sure you award medals. Players could even play their favourite song as their anthem and wave their team flag if they win! You will need:

  • A stopwatch
  • A pen
  • A piece of paper
  • A book
  • Some music

Event 1: The Book Sprint

Taking it in turns, balance a book on your head and race from one end of a room to the other and back again. You must touch the wall at both ends of the room. The person to do it fastest, without the book falling from their head, wins.

Event 2: The Triathlon

Pick a sentence from a book. The challenge is to write that sentence in the fastest possible time. The sentence must be clear enough for someone in your home to read it.

Now, who is the fastest writing with their other hand? Again, it must be possible for someone in your home to read it.

Finally, try writing with a pen between your toes!

Event 3: The Closing Ceremony

Read a page of your book out load while dancing. The most unusual dance wins! Get someone in your house, or perhaps a friend or relative on a video call, to judge the winner.