Using technology with children up to age 5

Using technology with your child is a great way to learn

It’s sometimes hard to know how to support children in using technology today. As an important person in your child’s life, you can have a big impact on how they use TV, the internet and devices safely.

When can my child start having screen time?

The important thing is to make sure any tech you use suits your child’s abilities, whatever their age. At a young age, you may want to get them used to the idea of a time limit for devices. You can give them a timer that counts down how much longer they have left.

As they get older, children have longer attention spans, so might be able to use tech for longer.

Watch what they watch

Make sure anything they look at online or on TV is age appropriate. That means steering clear of anything that is violent or sets them a bad example.

What should I look for?

There are everyday activities you can during screen time that your child will enjoy, like looking at photos of loved ones, or video chatting with family.

As they get older, you may want to look out for children’s games and stories. There are lots of games out there that will help them learn as they play.

What else can I do?

Try to make sure that screen time doesn’t go on too long, and it’s balanced with other games, toys, chats and time outside.

You’re the best person for your child to learn from. So try to share their screen time and look at things together.

Talk to your child as you use technology. If you name things and narrate what you’re doing, it helps them with their own speaking and listening skills.

Where can I find more tips for children using tech?

You can get more advice from:

The CBBC website is also useful for more information about toddlers and tablets.