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Write a letter from an endangered animal


Encourage your child to think empathetically and problem solve by writing a letter from the point of view of an animal from the future. Use the template below to write a letter from an animal that the current survived threats to their species and went on to thrive.

Write your letter

You will need:

  • Pencils or pens
  • A piece of paper
  • The suggestions below, which can be printed or viewed on-screen

Get started

Today tigers are endangered. Imagine a time twenty years in the future when they are no longer threatened – their numbers are growing and they have plenty of space to live. Write a letter from a tiger of the future explaining how they survived.

What do you know about tigers?

  • You could research extra facts online or at a library, but here are some facts to get you started.
  • Tigers have soft toe pads which helps them walk silently.
  • Tigers travel about six to twelve miles a night to find food.
  • They normally hunt alone.
  • Tigers only successfully hunt a meal about one in every ten attempts.
  • Tiger wee smells like buttered popcorn!

How would a tiger feel now?

What would it feel like to be living as a tiger today, with your habitats shrinking? One of biggest threats to tigers is the destruction of their habitats when humans clear forests to make farms, cities and roads. Another big threat is human hunters and poachers. The first section in your letter could be how your tiger used to feel when life was hard.

What changes can we make?

What changes could humans make to make things better for tigers? You could research the kind of changes people are already making or you could get creative and think of your own solutions. The next section of your letter could explain what happened to make life better for tigers.

What would a tiger of the future want to say?

What would they want to say to the children of today who took action and made the world a better place for them? Would they want to say thank you? Perhaps they’d tell them not to worry, or to be brave, or to make their voice heard. The final section of your letter could give this final message from the tiger of the future to the children of today.

Be part of a bigger project

Do you want to be part of the bigger How We Survived story? We are turning this into a real book and we’d love you to take part. If you want any of your words or pictures to be part of the story, take a photo of them and email them to howwesurvivedbook@gmail.com.

(By emailing us your words or pictures you are giving us permission to use them in the How We Survived book and share them on social media.)