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Write a recipe for a magic potion

Write a magic potion recipe

In this activity, you and your little one can play make believe and make a magic potion.

First, tell them you are going to have fun being witches or wizards. It’s a good activity to help them practice their writing. On a piece of paper, write down this recipe template to help them get started. Then get your little one to fill in the blanks!

Recipe template


2 handfuls of:

1 cup of:

7 drops of:

3 spoons of:


  1. Mix together_____________________________________________ and _____________________________________________________ and pour into your cauldron.
  2. Add the _____________________________________________and stir.
  3. Throw in the __________________________________________________
  4. Hubble bubble until____________________________________________
  5. Say the magic words: __________________________________________
  6. Serve with a generous pinch of: ________________________________

Ask your child to think up some ingredients, the more magical the better! They can add things like toenail clippings or sweets, or something you can’t see or touch, like rainy Mondays, the sound of a knife scraping a plate, or that feeling when you want to sneeze but can’t.

Think about what effect the magic potion will have. Ask them about it. Will it make someone fly? Will it make animals talk? If you want to take this activity further, they could write a story about what happens when somebody drinks the potion.