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Writing addresses game

Child writing

These activities are all about addresses. You can do them with your child to get them thinking about where people live. It’s fun and imaginative!

First, can your child match these characters to their addresses?

1. Harry Potter a) The Gingerbread House
2. Paddington Bear b) Kirrin Cottage
3. Sherlock Holmes c) 32 Windsor Gardens
4. The Famous Five d) 4 Privet Drive
5. Hansel and Gretel e) 221b Baker Street

How many did they know?

Next, encourage your little one to sit down and come up with some make-believe addresses. You can try writing them on envelopes to get them used to the idea of sending post.

Try writing a spooky address. Where is it? In a forbidden forest or a creepy castle? Who lives there?

Now try writing a happy address. Maybe it’s in a fun fair or a toy shop.

Last, how about a magical address? There might be magical creatures who live there in a fantasy land.

You can make up your own ideas too. Encourage your child to use their imagination. No address is right or wrong in this game – it’s all about having fun. It’s also a good chance to practice reading and writing.