Writing with Katherine Rundell

katherine rundell

Katherine Rundell is a bestselling author of five children’s novels. Her books have won awards like the Waterstones Children's Book Prize and the Blue Peter Book Award.

In these videos she shares her writing tips and sneak peeks. If you have a young storyteller at home, these free activities will help spark their imagination.

Read Chapter 1 of Rooftoppers

Join heroine Sophie on the rooftops of Victorian Paris for a fantastical adventure. You can read the first chapter for free.

Katherine Rundell’s writing tips

If your little one ever says they’re stuck for ideas, Katherine’s advice will help get their imagination running wild. She explains how asking a question as simple as ‘What if?’ can open the door to wonderful stories.

Watch an extract of The Good Thieves

Listen to Katherine introduce her book The Good Thieves.