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Why you should be a science role model for your child – and three ideas to get you started


We know there are plenty of benefits to having good reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. By sharing stories as a family you’ll be spending happy, quality time together, boosting mental wellbeing and helping your child to do better at school. But did you know that by helping your child with these skills, you’ll also be encouraging them to improve in subjects where you might think reading is less important, like science and maths?

We’ve teamed up with the Institute of Physics to help parents and carers to become positive role models for STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and inspire your child to unlock lots of future career opportunities. Doing STEM can help your child think more about the big picture, solve problems and raise aspirations. With a good understanding of both literacy and physics, your child could go on to discover jobs in science, government, law, finance and beyond. We know not everyone had a great experience with physics at school but it's really important to give your child the chance to see how relevant physics can be to their everyday life and their ambitions.

The Institute of Physics’ Limit Less campaign gives all children and families the chance to explore how the world works. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started over the winter break - but don’t worry, you don’t need to be a physics expert to enjoy these activities as a family. They’re quick and easy and everything you need you’ll find around the house!

Over the coming weeks and months, in partnership with the Limit Less campaign, we will be bringing you loads of great ideas for activities to do as a family. By bringing together the benefits of improved literacy skills and confidence to explore physics, you’ll be empowering your child to choose their future and change the world!

Download the Winter Activity Pack from the IOP.

Find lots of other fun things to try at home on the IOP’s Do Try This At Home website.

Science activities to try this winter holiday


Scavenger hunt

The next time you’re out and about, have a go at a Science Scavenger Hunt! Tick off the things you see on your journey that help us understand how our bodies work (like a hand sanitiser dispenser), tackle climate change (such as a recycling bin), or reduce the amount of electricity we use (like a solar panel). Note down where you saw them and when you get home, chat about the things you saw.


Snowball slingshot

Make a Snowball Slingshot and uncover the science of sending snowballs soaring through the sky! All you’ll need is a plastic bottle, marker pen, tape, balloons and a pair of scissors.


IOP career profile

Paul Brown and Kathryn Plummer are both interesting people with exciting roles in physics, working as a Workshop Manager and a Patent Attorney. Find out what they do and why they love their jobs by reading their career profiles with your child.

Find out more and sign up to support the Limit Less campaign