Get creative with Robert Starling

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Robert Starling is an author, illustrator and creator of the Fergal series all about a dragon! On this page you can watch a storytelling video with Robert on Fergal in a Fix and download free Fergal colouring sheets and doodling challenges.

Watch a Fergal in a Fix storytelling video

Find out what happens when Fergal goes off to Dragon Camp as Robert reads Fergal in a Fix for Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children's Books.

Click here to watch the video with Robert on Facebook or watch on the page below:

Download the activities

Fergal is Fuming colouring sheets

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In Fergal is Fuming, Fergal is learning to control his temper. When things aren’t fair, Fergal loses his temper and snorts angry fire, burning dinner, a board game and even football goalposts!

Download colouring sheet 1

Download colouring sheet 2

Take on a doodle challenge

Robert says: 'I've always found if I have a pencil and paper, everything I can imagine is just a drawing away. A blank piece of paper can be a window to anywhere!'

Have a go at these doodling challenges and find out what it takes to become a children's book illustrator.

Download doodle challenge 1

Download doodle challenge 2

Download doodle challenge 3

To find out more about Rob Starling, check out his website and follow him on Instagram.