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Preserve the planet with Josh Lacey

Josh Lacey

Our author of the week is Josh Lacey! If you're making an effort to use less plastic or giving Veganuary a try, you'll love his books all about Hope Jones, illustrated by Beatriz Castro.

You can read the first book in the series, Hope Jones Saves the World for FREE below, find out more about the second book in the series, Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat in an exclusive video from Josh and discover his top three children's books.

Read Hope Jones Saves the World

When Hope Jones discovers her local supermarket seems to stock more unnecessary plastic than food, she makes it her mission to do something about it. She may be just one 10 year old with a homemade banner, but with enough determination, maybe Hope Jones really can save the world.

This book is no longer available.
Hope Jones Saves the World

Watch the video

In this short film, Josh tells us all about his books Hope Jones Saves the World and Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat...while making a healthy, vegan lentil soup!

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Josh's recommended reads

Charlotte’s Web by EB White

Hope Jones herself recommends this book. As she says: 'I cannot imagine how anyone could read about Wilbur and ever want to eat sausages or bacon again.' Charlotte’s Web is a perfect book: it’s funny, moving, entertaining and written with wonderful verve and energy.

The River Cottage Family Cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Fizz Carr

This book is full of good recipes for adults and children to make together, and packed with information about food. There are nice pictures too, which have inspired me and my kids to make all sorts of interesting dishes. The recipes are simple, easy and delicious.

Politics for Beginners by Alex Frith, Rosie Hore, and Louie Stowell

Would you rather live in a democracy or a dictatorship? Why do we vote? This book is a very good introduction to politics, and will get anyone thinking about their own political beliefs and how to change the world.

Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat