Behind the Cover book list for IWD2021

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Its International Women's Day and we're celebrating our Behind the Cover Club.

Behind the Cover Club is for all women and non-binary readers aged 16 and over. It’s a book club that celebrates brilliant books with women at the centre of the story.

Unsure what Behind the Cover title to listen to first?

Read what our Behind the Cover book club readers had to say about each title.

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo.png

Girl, Woman, Other, by Bernadine Evaristo (Published by Penguin Books).

"Girl, Woman, Other made me think about the different lives fo the women around me and how we all have our own story to tell. The book became a good friend to me in the national lockdown"

This book deals with themes including: love, sex, generational divides and queer identity. Appropriate for 16+ readers.

Find out more about this book and watch a video from the author.

Michelle Obama Becoming.jpg
Becoming, by Michelle Obama (Published by Penguin Books)

"Listening to Michelle Obama's Becoming really opened my eyes to the issues affecting women in society. I would recommend this book to even the most reluctant reader."

Find out more about this book and watch a video of Michelle Obama on education and self belief.

Burnt Sugar by Avni Doshi.png

Burnt Sugar by Avni Doshi (Published by Penguin Books)

"Burnt Sugar is a love story between a mother and daughter. It kept me gripped until the very last sentence. It's a five star read from me!"

This book deals with themes including: love, sex, memory, grief and motherhood. It is appropriate for readers aged 16+.
Find out more about Burnt Sugar and watch a video to see what Radio DJ Annie Mac thinks of it.

Ordinary People by Diana Evans.png

Ordinary People, by Diana Evans (Published by Vintage Publishing)

"Ordinary people was my standout Behind the Cover Club title. It's so good - realistic and funny. It gets you thinking about parenthood, grief and friendship. I would love this book to be reimagined for the screen."

This book deals with themes including love, sex, and grief. Appropriate for 16+ readers.

Read more about Ordinary People and watch a video of the author discussing the book.

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