How to write a poem with Paul Cree

Poetry with Paul Cree

Learn how to write a simple poem with help from Paul Cree, a London-based poet, storyteller, rapper and theatre-maker.

In the videos below, Paul will talk you through the process of writing a poem from start to finish. Each video has ideas, tips and easy to follow steps.

How to write a narrative poem

In this video Paul shares the process he uses to create a story, drawing on his own experiences. You will need something to write and draw on! Pause the video when Paul says, to give yourself time to write your own.

How to write a list poem

Learn to use lists in poetry, as a way to explore abstract ideas such as emotions.

Writing an ode

This video will show you how to write about your passions, as you look to people, places and objects for inspiration for writing an ode.

Editing your poem

Learn how to compare and contrast your poems, and choose one to keep working on.

Sharing your poem

Learn some techniques for sharing your poem with an audience.

About Paul

Paul’s debut collection of poems and stories, The Suburban, was published by Burning Eye Books. His collaborative hip-hop-theatre show Beats&Elements, High Rise Estate of Mind opened at Battersea Arts Centre.