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Learn to write a comedy script

Writing in book

Does your child love funny TV shows? Now you can help them make their own!

Ever wondered how the comedy we watch on TV is made? Know a child who wants write their own sitcom but isn’t sure how to get started?

The BBC Comedy Classroom has put together a pack full of advice and activities for young comedy writers. Inside, you’ll find:

Class Joker – This activity is a great introduction to stand-up comedy and joke writing.

Class Act – Students can learn the art of making up a comedy sketch with these top tips.

Class Comic – This activity helps kids learn to write funny captions, like they see on popular TV shows.

Spelling and grammar for comedians – Comedy writers write in their own specific way. This toolbox shows young people how to use grammar and spelling to improve their writing.

Comedy toolbox – There are lots of different types of comedy and ways to make people laugh. This breakdown describes the main ones comedy writers use.

An example script – Learn how scripts are laid out when they’re all finished and looking professional.

You can download the pack here and help your child get started. Perhaps even put on a performance for the family!

For more tips and comedy clips see BBC Comedy Classroom.