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Top tips for a career in investment banking

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Have you set your sights on pursuing a career in investment banking? A career in banking can be a fast-paced, dynamic and exciting place to work, with plenty of challenges along the way. So what do you need to know to be the best investment banker you can be?

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Read Managing Director Lucia’s top five tips for future success.

  1. Challenges, disappointments and obstacles sometimes look like ugly monsters.
    They feel too hard to face. In truth, with a bit of time they are more manageable than you think. Don’t despair or give up.

  2. Setting high expectations for ourselves can help us get better.
    Aim to be the best at whatever you are doing as much as you can. You won’t regret it.

  3. Leaving things unresolved or unfinished can sap your energy.
    When we postpone too much, when we don’t clear the air after a disagreement, when we lose control of our commitments and miss important deadlines, we are stressed and less effective than we could be.

    Before starting something new or moving to the next thing, ask yourself: do I have unfinished business that could hold me back?

    If the answer is yes, drop everything immediately and go back to that piece of work. This will set you free and allow you to fully embrace the next chapter.

  4. It is okay to make mistakes.
    Swap perfection for progress and remember, a few steps are better than no steps at all. Small successes should be celebrated and are worth gold.
    When you put all of them together you will be pleased to see how far you have come. It may take time and patience but you will get there!

  5. Your friends and family are important.
    When things are hard, sometimes talking to family and friends will make you feel better. Your support network is important at all ages.

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