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A guide to writing a book review

Writing in book

Writing a book review is a great way to express your thoughts, feelings and impressions about something you’ve read. It can also open up discussions on key themes and spark new ideas. Remember that other readers will always be interested in your opinions about the book you have read – whether you loved it or not!

Here are five steps to get you started:

1. Begin with a brief summary of the book. Try to avoid giving away any major spoilers or plot twists. If you are stuck, refer to the book blurb.

2. Discuss what you liked about the book. This is where you think about how the book made you feel. Who was your favourite character and why? Did the story keep you guessing? What was your favourite part of the book and why? Did the book make you laugh or cry?

3. What was good about the audiobook format? Was it easy to follow the plot? Did listening to the book help you understand the story and themes better, and if so, how (i.e. through the narrator’s voice, accents, sound effects, pace)?

4. Did you dislike anything about the book and why? Here is a space to talk about what you would change about the book and why. Things to think about include: did the book end the way you thought it would? Did you get bored at any point? Did you dislike any of the characters?

5. Include quotes. Including quotes is always a great idea. It gives your reader a brief taste of what to expect from the book whilst supporting your opinion.

6. Round up your review. Summarise your thoughts about the book.