Andy Seed's treasure hunt

treasure hunt

Andy Seed, the author of The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do, has created a guide to help you have the world’s best treasure hunt. It’s a handy 8-step guide so you can take your child on an outdoor adventure, no matter where you live. You can do it in your garden, in the local park, or out in the wild woods!

Andy says: “Treasure hunts are loads of fun and there are lots of ways to do them. Here’s a simple one to try with a group. It’s easy in a big garden but if you don’t have much space you just need to be creative!”

You can ask your child to set the treasure hunt by printing off the instructions for them, or you can do it yourself and let them do the hunting! It’s a great way to get them to play outdoors, pay attention to the world around them and use their problem-solving skills.

It doesn’t matter what the treasure is – toys or a small bag of sweets work well! If your child does the hunt with a friend or family member, they’ll be practicing working in a team. It’s an important thing to know for when they’re at school.

Download the treasure hunt