Bath time fun!

Bath time fun!

You can chat to your baby while you’re doing other important things, like washing or getting dressed. Bath time is a good time to chat and play because your baby is often relaxed, and you have their attention.

You can make your baby happy just by copying their actions or sounds.

Talk about what you're doing while you're doing it. For example, when it's time to wash their face say: “Time to wash your face.”

If they have a bath with a toy, you can do the action to the toy. For example: “Time to wash ducky's face!”

You can also mime the action. See if your baby copies you or makes noises.

You can play with bath toys or blow bubbles. It’s okay if your baby can’t talk back – they’ll enjoy listening to you and watching you do things like playing with the toys with them.

You can talk about what you’ve done together that day and ask them what they think and feel about it. For example, “Did you like seeing the ducks at the park today?” Or you can talk about what you’re going to do together tomorrow.

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The more fun you have together, the more your baby will learn.