Nappy change and chat

Nappy change and chat

Chatting in nappy time helps your baby learn about conversations. Your baby will like it when you talk to them. Their attention is on you when you’re changing their nappy. By chatting and making faces, you build a bond and help them learn about people.

Here are our top four tips for nappy time:

  1. Be happy and smiley
  2. Make different expressions and noises
  3. Your child likes to watch and copy you - try sticking your tongue out!
  4. Be loving and respond to sounds and faces your baby makes
  5. Stay calm and organised so your baby is relaxed and can focus on you
  6. Try singing one of your favourite nursery rhymes to engage and entertain your baby

Chatting to your baby from day one gives them the tools they need to learn to speak and understand others.

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Good to know

Nappy time is a chance for your baby to start to understand routines, which will help them learn how to do things for themselves.