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Nappy change and chat

Nappy change and chat

Chatting during nappy time helps your baby learn about conversations. It can also help make nappy time a positive experience for both of you!

Your baby's attention is on you when you’re changing their nappy. They will like it when you talk and sing to them, and you'll be helping their language development too.

Top tips for nappy time:

  1. Talk to your baby about what is happening.
  2. Be happy and smiley.
  3. Make different expressions and noises.
  4. Your child likes to watch and copy you - try sticking your tongue out!
  5. Respond to the sounds and faces your baby makes.
  6. Stay calm and organised so your baby is relaxed and can focus on you
  7. Try singing one of your favourite nursery rhymes to engage and entertain your baby

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Good to know

Chatting to your baby from day one gives them the tools they need to learn to speak and understand others.