Chat and play

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Ages two to three is a good time to chat to your child about their favourite toys and games.

Children learn lots by playing. You can help them along by chatting to them about what they’re doing. Try it out next time you have play time at home or when you’re out and about.

During playtime, ask your child questions about their favourite toys. Comment about what they’re doing, for example: “You’re pushing the car”. Or describe the toy to them: “This car is red”.

You can then encourage them to describe their toy or the game they’re playing. Make believe games are an important part of growing up – see if your child has made up stories or personalities for their toys.

It doesn’t just have to be toys either. Children can find ordinary objects you have around your home just as interesting. They might want to play at cooking with a spoon and a bowl. You can ask “What shall we make?” Just make sure what they’re playing with is safe for children!

Give them time to think about what you’re saying and come up with a response.

Good to know

Play is very important for children. Through play, you are helping to build their bank of words and phrases.