Reading about feelings

Brother and sister reading

Reading can be a useful way to help your child understand what they feel and why.

Some books are good at explaining complicated feelings to children. When you read these books to your child, you’ll help them learn how to speak about their own feelings.

Some titles you could look for are:

  • The Owl Babies
  • Grumpy Bird
  • Guess How Much I Love You
  • How Do You Feel?

You can also go to your local library to get some ideas.

Read the book together and ask your child questions about what the characters are feeling. How do they feel? Why might they feel that way?

Then you can try turning the questions to be about them. “What makes you sad?”

If you’re talking about difficult feelings like sadness or anger, talk to them about ways to spot those feelings and how to make it better. “I like to have a hug when I’m sad”, shows them how you make things better.

Learning about feelings is important for children to express themselves, and to recognise how other people are feeling.

Good to know

Reading about emotions is a safe way for children to explore their feelings and understand that it’s okay to feel down sometimes.

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