Choose a book together


You can support your child's interest in books by letting them choose their favourite and reading it together.

Start by looking at several books with your child and ask them to pick one. Once they have chosen, sit down together to look at it.

You don’t have to read the story if you don’t want to. You can go through the pictures and ask your child to point to things. Ask questions like “Where’s the dog?” and “Can you see the ball?”

If you do read together, pause to ask your child what’s happening in the story. Ask them to tell parts of it back to you.

At the end, ask them what they think. “Did you like this story?” “Would you like to read it again some time?” This will help you learn the sorts of stories your child enjoys, so you can help them pick one out in the future.

This sort of activity helps your child like books and prepares them for learning to read when they get to school. Letting your little one choose also helps build their confidence with making decisions.

Good to know

Choosing a book gives your child the opportunity to feel in control.