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Choose a favourite book

By having regular story times and letting your child choose their favourite books, you’ll help them build a love of books.

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Most parents have experienced the ‘favourite book’ … when your child wants to read the same book again, and again, and again. Even a book that you quite like, can begin to lose its appeal.

However, it is important that your child has choice in which books you read together. If your child chooses the book, they are more likely to engage with it and enjoy it.

Try to find time each day to look at a book together.

Children like hearing their favourite stories again and again. By having regular story times and letting your child choose their favourites, you’ll help them build a love of books.

Ask your child to choose their favourite story. They might enjoy you reading it to them again and again, but once they are familiar with it, encourage them to join in with repeated parts, rhyming words or noises.

Eventually they will probably be able to tell you the story themselves, or read it to a toy or pet.

This video will give you some pointers.

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Looking at books together helps your child feel confident when they start learning to read.

If your child has spent time looking at books and sharing stories with you, they’ll be excited to learn to read. They might begin to read words they see around your home, in the shops or on the street. Building an interest in books, even before they can read, will help get them ready to read when they’re older and start school.

Good to know

Enjoying a story, and knowing it really well will boost your child's confidence with books, and develop their early reading skills.