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Collecting Treasure

collecting treasure

The benefits of collecting treasure with your child

The treasure your child collects when you’re out and about may not always seem like treasure to you, but it is to them. Much like photos, these items will help your child remember and talk about their experiences.

Treasure may be natural items collected from the ground or other objects connected to your outing, maybe a bus ticket or a leaflet from a shop.

Handful of stones

Where to collect treasure

Autumn is a great time for a treasure collecting outing – walk along a tree lined street or through a park and you’ll find colourful leaves, and maybe some acorns or conkers.

Take a bag or basket with you and invite your child to collect some natural items from the ground as you walk … stones, pinecones, shells, sticks, leaves.

At home you can display them, let your child make patterns with them, investigate them or use them to create some artwork.

Did you know?

The language you’ll use while you’re investigating these objects together or showing another family member will support your child’s language development as well as their memory.