Go on a nature walk

Nature walk.jpg

Children enjoy spending time in nature. Even if you live in a city, you might be able to find gardens or parks to explore. We’ll show you how to take your little one on a nature walk and get them chatting about the outdoors.

See if you can find a small mirror to take with you on your walk. Take a box or bag with you too so you can keep interesting things you find together.

Get your child to look into the mirror and move it about as they walk. What can they see? Trees, the sky, maybe some wildlife?

See what objects you can find in nature to put in your box. Nuts and seeds, flowers, tree bark, pretty leaves and stones… Whatever your child likes! Let them choose. As you collect things, try talking to your child about it. Say what the thing is and ask them to describe it. Is this pebble round and smooth? Is this leaf flat and crinkly?

This helps your child pay attention to things and learn new words.

After the nature walk, take your treasures home to play with.

Good to know

Giving your child the chance to play with what they find after your nature walk allows them to do open-ended play. It’s important to play with things where there is no obvious 'purpose' to the toy. It helps foster curiosity and imagination.