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Flashcards about jobs

Flashcards about jobs

These flashcards are a handy activity that you can play lots of games with. They’re designed to help your child start thinking about different jobs and the people who do them.

You can download the flashcards and print them out. Cut out the squares so that you can mix and match the flashcards and turn over different ones.

You can use them to do speaking and listening activities with your child. Here are some suggestions for talking points and activities:

  • ∙  Which jobs do you know?
  • ∙  Which jobs would you like to do?
  • ∙  Which jobs require a hat or protective clothing?
  • ∙  Which jobs require a vehicle or transport?
  • ∙  Which jobs require a uniform or special clothes?
  • ∙  Which jobs are for men and which are for women? (Note: This as a chance to make it clear that job choice is not dependent on gender)
  • ∙  ‘Guess the job’ – pick a job card to describe for the other person to guess
  • ∙  Role-play – choose a job to act out by speaking (for example, one person pretends to be the patient and the other to be the doctor)

The important thing is to get chatting to your little one and find out what they think about various jobs. It’s good to encourage their interests and goals. If something they’re interested in isn’t on the flashcards, you can try making your own to include it.

Download the flashcards