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Activities about jobs

When I grow up

This collection of ‘Dream Big’ activities are to help children aged 5 to 8 learn about the skills needed for different careers. It’s to encourage them think about their future. We’re also challenging stereotypes as we go.

All these activities are meant to help your little one with their reading, writing and listening skills. They may need some help and guidance, but they’ll be able to do many of the activities by themselves. You can work through the activities at your child's pace in whichever order you prefer. You can try letting them choose to see what they think will be the most fun!

What you'll need:

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • The activity sheets (these can be printed out or viewed on a mobile, tablet or computer)

Get the activities

Jobs board game

Answer the questions about different careers to make your way around the board.

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Jobs and nouns

This quiz about nouns will help kids think about different jobs grown ups do.

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Jobs and verbs

Every job means you do something – it’s a great chance to learn about verbs!

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Spelling challenge

See if your little one can spell these different job titles.

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Flashcard activity

Download these flashcards to play guessing and describing games.

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