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Guess the uniform game

Firefighter uniform game

This fun game will help your child consider different jobs by getting them to think about what grown ups wear to work.

Who wears a uniform?

Look at these different jobs with your child. Ask: do these people wear a uniform? Why do they wear a uniform? It might be to keep them safe, or so other people can find them.

  • Bus driver
  • Doctor
  • Police officer
  • Vet
  • Builder
  • Firefighter

Can you think of other jobs that need a uniform?

Guess the uniform game

Here are five people talking about their uniforms and where they work. Can you help your child match the uniform to the job?

  1. “I work in a laboratory. I wear a white coat and goggles to protect my eyes.”
  2. “My uniform will protect me against fire and heat.”
  3. “I make food at work, so I wear an apron and cover my hair so it doesn’t fall into the food.”
  4. “I always wear a hard hat when I’m working on the building site – safety is important.”
  5. “I wear my uniform so if someone is lost or in trouble, they know to speak to me and I’ll help them.”
  6. Police officer
  7. Scientist
  8. Fire fighter
  9. Chef
  10. Builder