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Jobs board game

Dream Big board game

This board game is designed for 5 to 8 year olds to help them think about different jobs they could do in the future. All you need is some dice!

Each tile on the board has a question about a job. If a player answers the question correctly, they move forward to that tile. If they’re wrong, they must stay put. First one around the board wins! Look closely at the pictures, they hold lots of clues.

Children learn while playing, so this board game is a fun activity to encourage your little one to think about the future and what they might want to do.

It’s okay if the job they want to do isn’t on the board – it’s also good to think about what other people in society do. It helps them think about what grown ups do. Where do they work? What skills do they need? Do they wear a uniform?

Maybe you can speak to them about your job or the jobs of other people in your family. You can talk about how reading, writing or listening helps with these jobs.

You can play with your child or let them play with friends. A board game is a good rainy day activity.

Download the board and print it out to start playing.

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