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Jobs spelling challenges

Writing in book

You can help your child learn about different careers while helping them improve their spelling. Spelling is important to help make their writing clear and correct. So we’ve put together these challenges to help them improve.

All they need is a bit of paper and something to write with.

Challenge 1

Write the name of the job shown in each of these pictures. Be brave with spellings! Have a go by yourself before you check them. Note: there may be more than one correct spelling for some pictures.

Jobs spelling challenge


How many did you get right?

  • Doctor
  • Chef
  • Builder
  • Shopkeeper
  • Fire fighter
  • Bus driver

Did you make a mistake?

If yes, that’s good! It means you have the chance to learn a new spelling today. Focus on one word to get started.

  1. Copy the correct spelling from the list above. Look carefully at how many letters it has and which are the tricky parts to remember.
  2. Cover the word and try to spell it correctly from memory. Check back each time.
  3. Write a full sentence using your chosen word.

Challenge 2

Let’s take a closer look at the spelling of the word ‘firefighter’.


It has two different spellings for the same sound: i_e and igh.

Can you find more words with this sound and these two spelling patterns?

  1. Make a list for i_e words and a list for igh words.
  2. Read each of the words below carefully.
  3. Look out for the i_e or igh spelling pattern and add it under the correct list.
  4. Can you think of one more word to add to each list?
  • Inside
  • Sigh
  • Smile
  • Right
  • Higher
  • Night
  • Wipe
  • Thigh
  • Knife
  • Mice