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Nouns in jobs

Write a diary

Talking about jobs is a good chance to explain how nouns work to your child. Here we explain what a noun is and how to spot them. See if you can help your child work through the activities. Scroll down for the answers to see how many they got right!

Let’s get started.

A noun is a word we use to name something, like a person, a place or a thing. We can use the words ‘the’, ‘a’ or ‘an’ before a common noun. For example: the doctor, a kitchen, an apple.

The nouns in this sentence have been underlined: There are many jobs that adults can do.

Can you spot the nouns in the sentences below? Tip: there are two nouns in each of these sentences.

  • A chef usually works in a kitchen.
  • The doctor picked up the stethoscope.
  • Builders should wear a hard hat.
  • The supermarket sells food.


How many did you get?

  • Chef
  • Kitchen
  • Doctor
  • Stethoscope
  • Builders
  • Hat
  • Supermarket
  • Food


Can you write out 8 new sentences using these nouns? In your sentences, underline any other nouns that you use.

Picture round

Here are some pictures of grown ups doing their jobs. How many nouns can you spot in the pictures? We’ve labelled some for you.

Dream Big nouns