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Verbs in jobs

Verbs in jobs

Talking about careers is a good way to explain verbs to your child. This is because the person in the job is doing something, and verbs are doing words. Help your child learn what verbs are and how to spot them.

Here we go!

Did you know that every sentence needs a verb? A verb is a word used to describe an action (something you do), a state (something you feel) or an occurrence (something happening).

We’ve underlined the verbs in these sentences below.

Some verbs show an action. For example: The driver opened the doors.

Some verbs show a state. For example: The chef loves fresh ingredients.

Some verbs show an occurrence. For example: The fire happened at night.

Spot the verbs

Do you now know what verbs are? See if you can find the verbs is these sentences:

  • The driver parks the bus at the station.
  • Some chefs work in a restaurant.
  • Firefights needs a special uniform.
  • As a grown up, which job will you do?


How many did you get?

  • Parks
  • Work
  • Needs
  • Do


Now it’s your turn. Can you write 4 new sentences using these verbs?

Verb are everywhere!

Remember, every sentence needs at least one verb. For each of the pictures below, write one sentence. Then underline the verbs. One example has been done for you. Can you think of more?

Verbs in jobs