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Easter-themed audio stories

Easter themed audio stories

Thanks to Storynory you can listen and read along to Easter-themed audio stories. Audio stories can be a good option is your child doesn’t love reading or finds books intimidating. They can still enjoy the fun stories and talk about them with you. They can listen to them before bedtime, in the car, on the bus or sitting quietly at home.

The Monkey Who Loved Chocolate

This chocolate-crazed story should get you in the mood for an Easter-egg hunt Look out for a surprise-guest appearance from a famous fluffy animal dear to the hearts of chocolate-lovers everywhere.

Jim is one of the very few boys on earth who doesn’t like chocolate. When Aunty Judith takes him to the zoo, she gives him a chocolate bar. Jim throws it to Theo the monkey – but little does he know what chaos and mayhem will follow from his kind gift.

Listen and read.

The Easter Fair

The “Wicked Uncle” takes Jeremy and Jemima to an Easter Fair. What could possibly go wrong? Well, almost anything.

Of course, Uncle Jeff is not really that wicked – but he is fun and irresponsible. Mum and Dad never feel comfortable when he’s around, but the children know they must expect the unexpected, and it’s probably going to be an adventure.

Listen and read.