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Getting outdoors whatever the weather

Tips to help you and children of all ages enjoy time outside even when it's wet, windy or cold.

toddler in rain

Most of us prefer to spend time outside when it’s not too cold, too wet, too windy, or too hot. But the great thing about the weather, is it makes every day different!

A regular daily walk changes with the weather and the seasons, and you can use these changes to make your walk more exciting!

Encourage your child to notice the things that change when the weather does, and comment and point out some of the differences you notice.

As you talk together about the things you see, your baby or child will be learning about the world around them and learning new words.

Activities for different types of weather:
  • Examine the shape of a spider’s web on a frosty morning.
  • Splash in puddles on a rainy day.
  • Search for new shoots and buds as spring arrives.
  • Spot ants, bees and butterflies on a warm day, or slugs, worms, and snails on a wet day.
  • Notice tree branches and leaves getting blown in the wind.

Top tip!

Dress in suitable clothes for the weather if you can. Charity shops and second-hand shops online are great places to find coats, waterproofs and wellies that will quickly be outgrown.