Going to the library

Going to the library

Libraries are free, welcoming and fun places to spend time in with your baby. Your local library is a good place to find books, as well as free classes, story sessions and learning resources. When your baby is young, you may not want to buy lots of books. You can borrow them for free and get lots of different ones. You can ask someone who works there for books your baby might like.

Try borrowing a new book once a month and see what your baby likes.

If you can spend some time each day looking at a picture book with your baby. It will help them learn to concentrate and pay attention to things.

Your baby will see their favourite books like toys, full of exciting pictures, games, songs and stories.

As your baby gets older, let them choose their own book. Then take it home and read it together. This encourages them to make choices and share their preferences – it makes them feel important and builds their confidence.

Good to know

Visiting the library can be a social experience for both you and your baby. You can also find lots of children’s books you can borrow for free.