Cosy book time

Cosy book time

Babies like looking at the pictures and hearing the stories in books.

Finding time each day to look at a book is good for your baby’s development. It helps them concentrate and learn words. It’s also a good opportunity for quiet, cosy time together.

There are lots of good children’s books out there. See what your baby enjoys.

We recommend Dive In, Ducky! by Annie Kubler. It comes with a puppet you can use to speak to your baby. It brings together books, stories and toys – all things babies like!

Lots of children’s books are like this. It’s not just about the story, it’s also about looking at pictures, feeling interesting textures, singing songs and playing games. To your baby, books are a fun and exciting toy.

See if you can visit your local library – they’re likely to have several books for children, so you can try lots of different ones and find what you and your baby enjoy.


You don’t have to read the story. Pointing at and talking about the pictures will also make your baby happy. You don’t have to read the whole book.

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Reading books together helps develop your baby’s concentration and focus.