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Cosy book time

Cosy book time

Finding time each day to look at a book is good for your child’s development. It helps them concentrate and learn words. It’s also a good opportunity for quiet, cosy time together.

You could build a cosy den by hanging a blanket over a table and putting cushions underneath. You can even build a den outside. Sharing a book together in an unexpected place is exciting and children will start to think of books as adventures.

To help build a love for books, you can build story time into your daily routine. Books can be useful just before bedtime. Looking at a book quietly together can let them know it’s time to wind down. Or it could be in the middle of the day – whenever you think they need some quiet time

Top tips!

  • Look at a book at any time, it does not have to be bedtime.
  • Find a quiet place.
  • Talk about the pictures and read some or all of the words.
  • Give your baby time to respond - using facial expression, sounds, or pointing.
  • Repeat or respond to the sounds or responses your baby makes.
  • Your baby will enjoy looking at their favourite books again and again.
  • Don’t read for too long, notice your babies responses and stop when they've had enough.

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