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Half time jelly oranges recipe

Jelly Oranges

This recipe is a twist on the traditional orange segments given to footballers at half time!

When you're cooking with your child you can also help them develop important skills. Reading, shopping for a recipe together and following the instructions are all fun ways of developing language and literacy.

You will need:

● About 5 oranges

● 1 packet of jelly (or 2 if you want to have different flavours and colours)

● Boiling and cold water as per the packet instructions


● Cut the oranges in half, making sure that you cut from top to bottom. If you cut the other way your orange peel bowls may have holes in and leak jelly!

● Then cut the flesh of the orange away from the skin with a paring knife, making sure you don’t cut through the skin of the orange. Use a spoon to scoop out the orange flesh.

● Place the orange peel bowl on a tray.

● Make the jelly up according to the instructions on the packet and pour it into each empty orange peel bowl. Leave a few millimetres at the top.

● Put the jellies in the fridge to set, this can take from a few hours to overnight.

● Once the jelly is set cut the orange halves into quarters, serve them out and watch the kids enjoy them – or if you are a jelly fan – join them!

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