Improve your child's mental wellbeing

Happiness and colouring

Reading and wellbeing

If your child is facing a particular problem, reading a book that covers the subject could help them:

  • Make sense of what they are going through
  • Feel less alone
  • Forget about stress and worry
  • Learn to understand other points of view.

Other ways to help

  • Visit your local library. It's free and a good place to search for books that cover a wide range of issues
  • Listening to audio books can help your child enjoy stories and gain the benefits of reading a book
  • Picture books can be a great way of talking about difficult topics with children, including older siblings
  • Read a funny book together to make your child laugh and feel happier
  • Rad before bedtime to switch off from the day

Writing and wellbeing

If your child has been through a distressing event, writing about the experience can be beneficial in helping them to process the incident.

  • Creative writing can help a child relax and improve their mood and improve their concentration., attention and imagination
  • Writing about happy events can be a good way for your child to preserve their happy memories, as well as being fun!

Good to know:

If your child’s wellbeing is suffering you can talk to your GP, or visit the Place2Be website for a list of organisations that provide support for parents.