Make an obstacle course

Kids obstacle course.jpg

If you have an afternoon at home and are looking for a game to play with your little one, why not have a go at making an obstacle course? You can use things you have around your home.

First, ask your child to choose a toy to get around the obstacle course. Toy cars work great, but anything they enjoy playing with can work well too. Maybe their favourite teddy bear is late for tea and needs to get around the course.

Use your child’s toys as well as household items like shoes or cushions as obstacles. Decide where the course starts and ends. Get your child to help – making the course is lots of fun!

Now encourage your little one to get their toy around the course. Talk about how they’re doing as they go. For example, “Oh no, the cushion is blocking teddy’s way!”. Talk about how they’re getting around the obstacles – they are going around it, under it or over it?

If your child enjoys this, you can take turns making different obstacle courses.

Good to know

This is a fun way to develop co-ordination, motor skills and problem-solving skills for your little one.