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Freeze dancing game

Freeze Dancing Game

Dancing together is a great way to bond with your child, have fun, or get active on a rainy day!

To build muscles and coordination children need opportunities to move in different ways, such as jumping, skipping, waving their arms and hopping. The movements your child makes while they're dancing will actually be preparing them for skills they develop when they are older, such as eating with a knife and fork, drawing, and writing!

Dancing game

All you need for this game is some music and a little space:

  • Try to choose a song your child knows, or one you think they will like. Something upbeat works best.
  • Explain the rules to them before you start. When the music starts, encourage your child to dance around with you. The sillier the better!
  • Then, when you’re ready, say Freeze! Both of you have to be as still as possible in whatever pose you’re in.
  • Then say Go! to start dancing again.
  • Take turns at being in charge of freezing, and see if you land in some silly poses.
  • Once your child is familiar with the game, try introducing some different types of music - this will change the type of movements they make.
  • Change it up, by giving your child a scarf or small shaker to dance with.

Top tip:

If your child's in a dancing mood you could try some action songs too, for example; Sleeping Bunnies, or Ring-a-ring o'Roses.

Good to know

This game encourages your child to listen and follow rules. These are important skills for staying safe.