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Make your own sound box

Make your own sound box

In this activity you can use toys, pictures or real objects to get your toddler learning about, and practicing making sounds.

As your baby's language begins to develop from babbling, to copying, and attempting some sounds and words independently, you can support them to learn new sounds and link them to the objects they represent.

  • Gather a collection of familiar items that could make a noise. These might be toys, real objects or pictures of things your child likes (animals and vehicles work well)
  • Place the objects in your 'sound box' - a box, basket, pillowcase or bag.
  • Sit together and make the sound of something that’s in the box. For example, moo - moo, woof - woof, or nee-nah - nee-nah! Ask your child to find the toy that makes that noise.
  • Encourage them to rummage through the box and find the right thing. When they find it, praise them and say what the object is. For example, Well done, you found the cow!
  • If they can’t find the right object, you can help them look and remind them what it is. Encourage them to join in when you make the noise.
  • Start off with just a few items in your sound box, as your child learns how the game works you can add more items.

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Good to know

Games with sounds help your child learn to listen carefully, this is an important skill for developing language and communication.