Make your own sound box

Treasure box.JPG

There are lots of ways to interact with toys or pictures. One of those ways is by making sounds.You can show your child how with this simple activity you can do at home.

Bring together some familiar objects. These might be toys or pictures of things your child likes. These will go in their ‘sound box’.

Next, put the objects in a box. You can use a pillowcase or bag if you can’t find a box that works.

Sit with your little one and the box. Make the sound of something that’s in the box. For example, a cow goes ‘moo’, a dog goes ‘bark’, or a car goes ‘vroom’! Ask your child to find the toy that makes that noise.

Encourage them to rummage through the box and find the right thing. When they find it, praise them and say what the object is. For example, “Well done, you found the cow!”

If they can’t find the right object, you can help them look and remind them what it is. See if they will make the noise with you.

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Good to know

Games with sounds help your child learn to listen better, which is useful for when they’re ready to communicate.