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Make an 'I Can Do' book

Celebrate the new skills your child learns by recording milestones in their own book.

My Storytelling Scrapbook

Making a book together is another easy way of getting your child interested in and enjoying books.

  • While you make the book they will be developing their drawing and writing skills, as well as developing their language skills as you chat together.
  • When you read the book together they will be the expert on telling the story, this will support their confidence and communication skills.
  • They will also be developing their knowledge of books and how they work.

How to make an 'I Can Do' book:

  • Talk with your child about the things they can do.
  • Invite them to draw pictures of themselves doing some of those things, such as brushing their teeth or putting their coat on.
  • They could have a go at writing labels for the pictures. It doesn't matter what their writing looks like, it may be a scribble, a squiggle, or circle shapes, these marks are all the beginnings of learning to write.
  • If you write for your child, ask them what they'd like you to write, this will give them more ownership of the book.
  • Stick the drawings into a scrapbook (you can make one yourself with recycled cardboard or use an old notebook).
  • You could add photos to the book too.
  • Read the book together and share it with other family members, your child will be proud of their achievements, and that they can read the book themselves.
  • Keep adding to the book as they achieve new skills.

Watch the video for ideas

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For older children:

Make another book. You can make books about all kinds of things. Your child might enjoy making a book about something that interests them such as dinosaurs, vehicles, dogs or insects. Or they might enjoy making a book about a special family event or outing. just join a few pieces of paper or card together and let their imaginations do the work.