Make an 'I Can Do' book

As your child gets older, they can do a lot of things themselves. You can celebrate this by recording and celebrating your child's milestones in their own book.

My Storytelling Scrapbook

How to create an 'I Can Do' book with your child

Sit with your child and talk to them about the things they can do.

Then encourage them to draw pictures of themselves doing these things. Perhaps they can brush their teeth themselves, get their coat on or are starting to be able to get dressed.

Once you have the pictures, they might also start to make marks that are shapes and are starting to look like letters to go with them. You could also take photos and write a description of what they are doing to look back on.

Put these drawings and pictures into a scrapbook. You can then look at it together regularly and they will be proud of their achievements.

Keep collecting things, like tickets, photos and drawings to add to the book.

Watch the video for ideas