Opera for babies


Watching a simple opera with your young child can be a great new way to enjoy music and songs together. Classical music and opera has been proven to develop babies’ thinking and reasoning skills.

Engagement with music during infancy has a positive impact on the development of language and communication skills, social skills, concentration, emotional development and gross and fine motor skills. Music can also inspire joy, curiosity and creativity.

You could start by watching Under the Little Red Moon, the world’s first animated opera for babies by English Touring Opera. It is an online mash-up of animation and live-action performances made especially for under four year olds. The opera and accompanying animation not only boost babies' early learning but can also help you to bond and spend time with your child.

Below you can download some suggested activities that go alongside the opera, such as rolling a ball to each other and exploring your reflection. You can watch the opera for free on the English Touring Opera webpage.

You can directly download the activities here.