Roll the ball

Roll the ball

Playing ball games helps your baby with their coordination and eyesight.

At this age, your child will enjoy playing with a toy like a ball. You can do this indoors or outside. Softer toys are good for this age, in case they throw it a bit too hard!

Get a ball and sit opposite your child. Leave enough room to roll the ball to them along the ground. Before you roll it, say “Ready, steady, go!” Use your child’s name so their attention is on you.

Roll the ball gently towards them and encourage them to roll it back.

You can go faster and faster or roll the ball slowly to change things up.

Talk to your child as you go, commenting on what you’re doing and praising your child. You can describe the ball to them or say whose turn it is. If the ball can bounce, you can show them how to gently bounce it on the floor and play with it like that.

Remember not to throw a ball near their face, as they won’t be able to catch it the way grown ups can yet.

Good to know

Playing with a ball will help develop your baby’s muscles as they grow.