Passing back and forth

Passing back and forth.jpg

Passing toys and objects back and forth can be a fun game for your baby, and it can also help them learn. We’ll show you how.

Bring together some things your baby likes. These could be toys or books or household objects. Pick one of them and pass it to your baby. See if they will take hold of it. Then, encourage your baby to pass it back to you. See if you can do this a few times.

Talk about what you’re doing. Things like: “It’s my turn. Now it’s your turn.” When your baby has the object, to ask for it back, hold out your hand and ask: “Please may I have it?”.

Swap the items you and your baby pass back and forth. Don’t forget to describe the object you’re playing with and describing what you’re doing.

When your baby passes the object or babbles to you, praise them. It’s an important way of learning to play with others and build relationships – things they’re never too young to learn.

Good to know

This activity is a great way for your little one to learn about how conversations take place as they practise taking turns.