Picture books with sound

Picture books with sound

Picture books help your baby learn about the world while having fun.

When you look at picture books with your baby, you don’t have to read the story. Sometimes it’s fun look at the pictures and talk to your baby about what you see.

Choose a book your baby knows and look at it together.

For each picture, tell your baby what’s in the picture. For example, “This is a tiger.”

Then tell your baby about it. Have fun telling them what noise the object makes, like ‘roar’ for a tiger and ‘vroom’ for a car.

If your baby makes a similar noise to you, make the noise back. This lets your baby know it’s a good thing.

You could sing a nursery rhyme or song about what you see on the page, like ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’ for a story with pictures of animals.

You can also just describe what you see on the page. You can count things, list colours, or make up your own story. Your baby will enjoy listening to you and sharing this special time together.

Good to know

Picture books help babies learn that words have meaning. They link the sound and image to the word.