Reading the same book

baby choosing a book

Looking at books together is fun for your baby, even when they’re very young.

To help build a love for books, you can build story time into your daily routine.

Babies like looking at their favourite books often. They don’t mind how many times they’ve seen them!

If you read together at the same time every day, your child will get used to the routine and be excited to read with you.

Try making time each day to look at your baby’s favourite book together. You might like to introduce a bedtime story time.

Your baby will show you which books they like by their responses. They might look intently, reach out to touch and point, or smile and laugh!

Some babies show more interest in touch and feel, or flap books. You'll be able to find these at your local library.

Good to know

Having a regular time for reading will help your baby to recognise a routine, this will help them feel safe and secure.