Planning a picnic


Planning a picnic is a fun treat that will give your little one plenty to talk about.

You don’t have to wait until the summer to put together a picnic. When you include your child in the planning, you can find lots to talk about.

First, decide where you’re going to have the picnic. In the garden? The park? The kitchen? The living room?

Next have a chat about what you need. Let your child suggest some of their favourite foods or drink. Put together some sandwiches and talk about what you’ll put in them. You can have fun preparing the food and drinks together.

Remind your child of other picnic things you’ll need, like a blanket or napkins.

You can name all the things you’re bringing together to help them learn new words.

When you have your picnic, talk it through with your child. Questions and instructions are good. Things like “Can you pass the crisps?” and “Please can you put two sandwiches on the plate?”

If you don’t want to make a full picnic, you can have a teddy bears’ picnic. Bring together some of your child’s favourite toys and have an imaginary picnic together.

Good to know

This is a great activity to introduce simple maths. This helps children understand phrases such as ‘next to’, ‘first this’ and ‘how many?’.