Looking for numbers

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This game helps your child learn about numbers while you’re out and about.

Learning numbers at this age will help your child when they eventually start school. You can make it a fun game that keeps them entertained while you’re out and about.

Encourage your child to spot the number that’s the same as their age. Make sure they know what it is and what the number looks like.

While you’re out, ask them where they can see that number, for example on doors, cars or signs.

You can turn it into a game of who finds the most numbers. It’s best to just look for small numbers up to 10.

You can also count the things they like or see, for example: “How many raisins are on your plate? One, two, three, four…”

You can also look at some children’s books about numbers to build their confidence in looking at them. To begin with, it’s nothing to do with maths – just recognising the shapes of the numbers and what they mean and the order they go in. Scroll down to check out some of our favourite books for this.

Good to know

It’s important to help children to see that numbers are everywhere. Recognising numbers will help them with maths as they get older.

Books to try

One to Ten Animal Mayhem by Thomas Flintham

Count the Vehicles by Laura Coleman

Count with Maisy by Lucy Cousins