Reading for treasure

Reading for treasure

This activity will help you learn about what books and pictures your baby likes. You can help your baby become interested in books by letting them choose one.

Bring together a collection of baby books. You can go to your local library if you don’t have many at home.

Remember, babies like books with different textures, flaps and bright colours. See if you can find some choices that are eye-catching or about things they like, such as animals or cars.

Put a few books in front of your baby and encourage them to pick one for you to look at together.

When they choose it, find a calm, quiet place together and read it to them. Maybe they can turn the pages for you.

Point to the pictures and describe what you see. For example, “Look at the elephant.” When you do this, wait for your baby to respond.

Praise them when they try to interact with the book by pointing or making sounds.

Ask them to choose another one at the next story time. They might choose the same one if they like it, so you can read it again – babies enjoy looking at their favourite books often!

Good to know

Giving your baby choices helps to build their confidence and self-esteem.