Safety awareness poetry activities with Kurly McGeachie

Safety awareness poetry activities with Kurly McGeachie.jpg

Anti-youth violence campaigner Alison Cope and poet Kurly McGeachie have created a Safety Awareness workbook, exploring why we get angry, how we can make better choices, feeling positive and keeping safe.

Download the workbook and watch the guidance video from Kurly, to hear all about keeping safe, and to hear him perform some poems.

Meet Alison Cope

Alison Cope is an anti-youth violence campaigner, who has spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people, helping them understand the importance of making positive choices.

Visit her website to find out more on her efforts to educate young people about the real consequences of youth violence.

Meet Kurly McGeachie

"Counting to ten can keep me calm and help keep me safe, away from harm"
Kurly McGeachie

Kurly McGeachie is a performance poet and hip-hop artist. As a workshop facilitator, he works with schools throughout the UK to help build literacy confidence.

Read more about Kurly's workshops and even watch him perform his poem 'Key Change' at the Royal Albert Hall, by visiting his website.